MaxTo has a lot of settings, that can completely change how it works.

To get to the settings, you can right-click MaxTo's icon in the notification area and choose Settings, or press Control T to open it quickly.

The settings are divided into multiple categories, depending on what they affect.


Create your own or modify existing recipes to work the way you want.

Window behavior

Toggle window transparency when dragging, passive mode and window snapping.


Change how MaxTo identifies monitors, and toggle virtual desktop support.


View, update or toggle compatibility shims that make MaxTo work with different programs.


Change the language MaxTo talks.


Toggle automatic updates, and change the stability of desired releases.


Let MaxTo start with Windows, and toggle elevation support.

Error reporting

Change how (and if) MaxTo reports errors to the developers.


Input or change your license.

Advanced topics

You can change the location of your configuration, for instance if you want to run MaxTo as a portable program.