Move window

Moves the current foreground window (or a specific window using the /Window switch).


window — Window

Defaults to the current foreground window. Find windows by searching for the process name, window class and window title. All parts support wildcards or regular expressions. When setting up this command in the user interface, a nice editor is provided for the separate parts. When searching from the command line, the syntax is: \[process name]\[window class]\[window title]. All parts are optional, meaning you can use "\\\Untitled - Notepad" to find the window with that title. Wildcards are supported for each part. You can use regular expressions by surrounding the part with forwards slashes: "\\\/.* - Notepad/" will find any Notepad window, and is equivalent to "\\\* - Notepad".

virtualDesktop — Virtual desktop

The virtual desktop number to move the window to. The active virtual desktop will switch as a side effect.

region — Region

Which region should the window be put in? Specify regions by using monitor-relative coordinates separated by a comma, starting at 0,0 for the top left corner. The first number is position on the X-axis, the second is Y-axis. You can specify units, e.g. "30px,50%" for 30px from the left edge, 50% from the top. The supported units are px and %. Specific English words are also recognized, so you can put "bottom right" or "center" as values here.

monitor — Monitor

Defaults to the monitor the window is currently on. You can find monitors by specifying their number, their monitor handle (HMONITOR, as hexadecimal, formatted as 0xdeadbeef), or by their exact device name ("\\.\DISPLAY1"), serial number or friendly name.

direction — Direction

Which direction to move the window.

swap — Swap with windows in destination region

This argument has no further description.

Moving a window directionally

If you want to move a window in a direction, you will most likely need to specify the window and the direction you want to move the window.

maxto window move /window "* - Notepad" /direction "Right"

You should be able to run this command on any system where MaxTo is installed, from either Command Prompt or Powershell. See the tutorial on using the command line for details.

Swapping windows

If you set the

/Swap flag, and the window you are moving is currently in a region, MaxTo will check which windows are in the destination region, and move all those windows into the region where the moving window came from.

This is especially useful in situations where you have one larger region (call it your focus region), and multiple smaller regions. This makes it very quick to move a window into the focus region, and moving the window that is already there to a different region.