If you are moving computers, or want to share a recipe with others, you may want to export your recipes.

Your recipes are stored with your settings. There are specific situations where it is useful to be able to export and import your recipes.

  • When you want to share it with others.

  • When you want to copy your recipe to another machine.

  • When you have upgraded MaxTo and want to reset to the default recipes, and you want to keep some good recipes.

Exporting a single recipe

To export a recipe, open Settings Control T , and the Recipes tab should open by default. Find the recipe you want to export, and click it to edit.

You'll see a button called Export recipe. Clicking the button will prompt you to save the recipe as a

.recipe.json file. That's it.

Exporting multiple recipes

Advanced topic

Admittedly, process to export multiple recipes is not as smooth as we want it to be, and there will be improvements in this area. You need basic knowledge of JSON files to do this successfully.

Your recipes are stored in

%AppData%\MaxTo\config.json (by default). You'll need to look for the
property, which should be an array.

From that array, copy each recipe object you want to export out into separate files with the

.recipe.json extension.

Importing recipes

To import a recipe, you'll need the

.recipe.json that was exported previously. Open Settings Control T , and on the Recipes tab, click Import recipe. Locate the recipe file, and open it.

You will need to press Save changes for the recipe to take effect (otherwise it will be discarded).