Cycle position

Emulates WinSplit Revolution behavior to quickly place a window in specific positions of the monitor by cycling the position through a given set of positions on repeated invocations.


monitor — Monitor

Defaults to the monitor the window is currently on. You can find monitors by specifying their number, their monitor handle (HMONITOR, as hexadecimal, formatted as 0xdeadbeef), or by their exact device name ("\\.\DISPLAY1"), serial number or friendly name.

window — Window

Defaults to the current foreground window. Find windows by searching for the process name, window class and window title. All parts support wildcards or regular expressions. When setting up this command in the user interface, a nice editor is provided for the separate parts. When searching from the command line, the syntax is: \[process name]\[window class]\[window title]. All parts are optional, meaning you can use "\\\Untitled - Notepad" to find the window with that title. Wildcards are supported for each part. You can use regular expressions by surrounding the part with forwards slashes: "\\\/.* - Notepad/" will find any Notepad window, and is equivalent to "\\\* - Notepad".

positions — Positions

Accepts a list of relative rectangles, separated by pipe characters.

preset — Preset

Use a preset positioning list.

number — Position number

Allow you always select a specific position number. E.g. the top left position has 3 possible placements that it cycles between. Specifying "2" here will disable cycling and always select the last position (top left, two thirds wide).